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Pastors Bob and Barbara:
Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you perform weddings?
We started by marrying a few friends and members of the family.  We loved doing it, and decided to do more!  It gives us great joy!
Are you qualified to perform weddings in Connecticut?
We are both ordained ministers, and meet State of Connecticut requirements as wedding officiates. 

Which one of you performs the ceremony?
We work together as a team. Usually Pastor Bob officiates.  Currently Pastor Barbara plans personalized creative ceremonies, and assists or fills in at ceremonies and rehearsals when needed.
Will you be performing our ceremony?
Yes!  Some wedding officiants online are really referral companies. They advertise and interview you, but someone else actually performs your wedding ceremony.  We will be with you, giving you personalized service, from your initial phone call to the day of your wedding.
What kind of ceremonies do you do?   
We perform the ceremony you length, style, & content.  
We perform Christian or inter-faith (Judeo-Christian) ceremonies, large or small, formal or casual.  We also perform vow renewals.  Do you want a religious wedding?  A romantic wedding? A mixture of both?  Do you want traditional vows or contemporary vows? How long do you want your ceremony to last? Are you of different ethnic backgrounds and want to combine traditions of each?  These are some of the questions we will talk over to make your ceremony exactly the way you want it.  We can plan your ceremony in person or by phone or email. We do NOT do cookie cutter weddings!! 
We often incorporate elements from ethnic backgrounds of the bride and groom. However, we will not speak anything that invokes any god other than the Judeo-Christian God. We do not do pagan ceremonies or anything else that conflicts with our personal religious beliefs.

So many of our couples have said to us "Thank you so much for giving us the ceremony we wanted!"
Do you have ceremony samples?
Yes, we offer a  FREE Wedding Ceremony Kit, with several samples, plus many options.  You can mix and match and choose what you like.  And once you book with us, we can give you many more options to choose from.
Will we get a chance to read  our wedding ceremony before our wedding day?
Certainly.  After we've written your personalized ceremony, we will go over it with you.  You may add, delete or change any part and we will fine-tune it until you love it.  You have final approval. There will be no surprises!
Can we write our own wedding vows?
Yes, we will work with you to craft your own vows if you like. Most couples choose from our many samples.  You can choose one, or "tweak" it to make it your own.  Your vows are the words and promises of your hearts.
Can we specify ceremony details such as music, readings, and vows?
Absolutely!  Our goal is a wedding ceremony that is a reflection of the two of you.  We have lots of options to choose from, and would love to hear your own ideas! 
We can read anything you like, you could read something to each other, or have a friend or family member read something -  that's fine
with us.  We like to personalize your ceremony in any way you like.
I am divorced, and my fiancÚ and I have been living together.  Do you perform second marriages?
Yes, of course!
I am pregnant.  Is this a problem?
Not a problem at all- we would be very happy to marry you!
We'd like to include our children in our wedding ceremony.  Is that okay?
Yes, we love family weddings, and are happy to find ways to include children, whatever their age.
Our dog is part of the family.  Do you include pets?
Yes, we welcome well-behaved dogs.
How long are your ceremonies?
That's up to you!  It depends on what options you choose to add, whether or not you have a procession and recessional, readings, or a vocalist, but most ceremonies range from 15 to 25 minutes. That seems to work best- not too short, not too long. Once we write your ceremony, we can give you a better estimate of time.
I'm shy- do I have to talk?
If you prefer, you can just say "I do."  Or even just nod your head!  We want you to be very happy and comfortable.  Even those who aren't shy usually prefer to read their vows or to repeat them after the minister.
Do you perform weddings outdoors or in unusual locations?
Sure do!  We will work with you to create a "uniquely you" wedding ceremony- and that includes location. We will do weddings at the beach, or in back yards, in a park or by a pool, in your home or on a houseboat, in barns and on bridges, in churches and chapels, mansions and museums, hotels and halls, coffee shops and castles, at a B&B or a baseball field, in a tent or in a tree house!  Any place that has special meaning for you.
We don't have a ceremony site.  Can you provide one?
We can help you with ideas.  We also perform ceremonies in our home for just the two of you or with a few close friends or relatives.  It's a great alternative to a matter-of-fact courthouse wedding.  For more information, see Short and Sweet Ceremonies.
What do you wear?
Pastor Bob will wear a dark suit or a ministerial robe- your choice.  Or he can dress more casually or even for a theme wedding if you like.  (He looks great in a cowboy hat!)  The color of his clergy stole or tie can coordinate with your wedding colors.
Do you require pre-marital counseling?
No, we do not.  However we do encourage it and offer a Marriage Preparation Course.  Read more about it here.
What are your fees?
Please see our page Ceremony Reservations, Services & Fees.
Are you available for a ceremony rehearsal?
Yes, we recommend them and include them in our service fee for formal ceremonies with attendants.  Ceremonies without attendants, or just a few, can happen 45 minutes before the wedding, or for simple ceremonies, can be eliminated altogether.  Essentially, rehearsals are for the attendants, and for logistics.  We will plan together, ahead of time, so you will know what to expect. And you won't have to remember anything.  It's our job to tell you exactly what to do and when. Like, turn and join hands, repeat after me, take the ring, and kiss the bride!
Do you travel?  Do you charge for travel?
Travel anywhere in Connecticut is included in our fee.  We will travel outside of Connecticut, with a travel fee.
Are there any "hidden charges?"
No, our fees include everything.  (The only additions might be if you choose for us to provide the set-ups for special ceremonies such as a unity candle or sand ceremony.)
What are your rules as to photography and other vendors?
We are very flexible, and cooperate with vendors and wedding coordinators. Flash photography is fine with us, and if you wish, we let photographers position themselves where they can get the best possible pictures or video.  (However,
keep in mind, cameras on the altar area can be a distraction, and will also wreck the appearance of the wedding pictures for everyone else, so this is your call.)
When will you arrive?
We will arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony.
Will you attend the reception?  Would you say a blessing or a prayer at the reception?
Please in no way feel obligated to invite us.  However, if our schedules permit, we would be honored come, and to say a blessing or prayer before the meal, if that is something you would like.
How do we get a marriage license?  And what do I need to do to legally change my last name after we are married?
Please see our page Getting a Connecticut Marriage License. And be sure to bring your license with you on the day of your wedding!!
Do we need any witnesses?
No, witnesses are not mandatory in the state of Connecticut.
Do we need blood tests?
No, blood tests are not required in Connecticut.
How soon do we need to book you?
"Prime time" for Connecticut weddings is between May and October.  Saturdays, especially, book up quickly.  We start booking our weddings six months to a year or more in advance.  Please remember, we can't hold your date and time until we receive a contract from you!

We're ready to get married!  How do we book our wedding date?
First EMAIL or CALL us to see if your date and time is available on our schedule. We can meet in person or get acquainted by phone or email.  If you decide you would like to have us officiate your wedding, we will send you a contract, and you simply pay a deposit by check or money order to hold our services.  The balance is due the day of your wedding. See Ceremony Reservations, Services & Fees.  As soon as you've reserved the date with us, we will begin to work with you on your unique and special ceremony.

It's fun and simple!  Know that we'll be there for you on your wedding day and that we will always be available for you by phone or email.

Have More Questions?

Take a moment to tell us about your wedding ceremony and how we can help.


Pastors Bob and Barbara, wedding officiants