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We can perform a flower wedding ceremony or a lei ceremony.  Flowers always symbolize love, and they add such beauty to a marriage ceremony.  Here are a few lovely ways to include them:

Garden of Love- Pass out flowers before the procession, and have guests think of a blessing for the couple as they come up and place a flower in a vase, to create a garden of love.

A Unity Bouquet- This is similar to the unity candle ceremony.  Once the mothers of the groom and bride have been escorted into the room, they each place a bouquet of flowers, representing their families, in separate side vases.  During the ceremony, the bride and groom each take a bouquet and put them together in a larger vase, creating a unity bouquet, and a visual picture: 
although each bouquet, and each life was beautiful alone, they are even more beautiful together.

Choose flowers that will go with your color scheme, and that will be stunning together.  For example, baby's breath and roses.

Presentation to the Mothers- Have your florist put two detachable floral sprays into your bouquet.  Either at the beginning of the ceremony or at the end, detach them from your bouquet, and present them to each of the mothers with a kiss.  Don't tell them in advance- let this be a lovely surprise!
Hawaiian Lei Exchange-  In Hawaii, the Lei is a traditional MAKANA - a gift exchanged between bride and groom. LEI ALOHA are Necklaces of Love.  As you exchanges leis, you could kiss each other on the cheek and say, "Please wear my love, like a beautiful Lei.

For more flower ideas, see rose ceremony ideas


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